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More Sketchbook Work

Some more for tonight, but I am calling it a night.

New Sketchbook Work

It's been a long time coming really. But I have completed my dissertation and really gotten back into the swing of drawing- and it feels bloody great. Here are some sketchbook pieces that are going toward a book illustration project I'm currently working on. Enjoy!



Keeping my eyes open for things to influence my third year projects, at the minute I seem to be obsessing a little over handmade patterns, I really have to crack on at making some myself.


Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

Everyone needs these photos saved onto their computers.

Katie Scott

Gorgeous Gorgeous Yum Yum.


Childrens books

I've decided to have another shot at the macmillan prize, i was unsure about doing it because I was worried I might approach it with too many ideas and be not so open to being experimental. But first I'm looking at a bunch of childrens books, I realised all the ones i loved when I was a kid were pretty dark, and its a shame we see fewer and fewer of these on the market, but anywho heres a few images I'm finding very inspiring. Today I'm just planning to do a bunch of sketchbook work and maybe loads of thumbnails of details I imagine in my story. I have a basic storyboard but I'm not the worlds most fantastic writer, so I find it way easier to show my ideas in images. So I'm making images, and someone else is writing my story, I don't think its cheating, I just want something nicely written and spelt correctly :)

Images are Anthony Browne- Gorilla , Kit Williams- Masquerade, Jim Housen and Richard Scarry


Amelias Magazine- LFW

Amelia wrote an article, and I did an illustration read the article here, Tze Goh sure is hard to draw!


Fact animation.

Should have posted this sooner, but after handing in for assessment today (and feeling way better) I figured I'd get round to doing some stuff that needed doing. More posts when I get my work back.



Inappropriate behaviour.

Ex Libris

Working with Lino Printing for the first time in about 3 years, it was lovely to free up my lines and make something more spontaneous. More details here.



So I am doing a project on Dementia. Creating a small book that explains the things that could happen to a dementia patient, to children and teenagers. I don't want to get too caught up in the science behind the disease, but more a guide to kids thats like "hey, this might happen, but your granddad is still the same person, and you can do these things to help".
Now I was originally going to approach this like a commission for the NHS, but after a tutorial have decided to be as free with it as I want, and then if the end product needs toning down, then I'll do that. But I think its pretty important to allow myself to free up as much as possible, seeing as i am a student and I should really take advantage of that.

Heres some pretty, inspirational pictures as always, sketchbook work to follow soon.


John Baizley is my hero

I've recently been doing more collages to practise my composition to see how I can make this series of images I'm working towards work better than others I've done in the past. I personally think John Baizley is the master of composition, tons of artists I lok at are great, but something about his work makes me feel weak at the knees.


Death Masks and Things.

Love the deconstruction of a face. Want to maybe work with objects. Currently working on large mix media collage paint things. They're okay?



So at the beginning of all this decomposition stuff I was pretty sure I could somehow beautifully illustrate decomposition in humans. Boy was I wrong. After seeing more photos and videos of death than any normal person should I've decided decomposition in humans is probably the worst kind. I am not including photos because I may loose several followers etc etc but human bodies seem to distort far more than the animal decompositions I've watched. The bloating seems far more severe, and the body breaks down in sections and far less rapidly.
So as I don't want this to be a shock piece of work at the end, I am going to play around with drawing human decomposition in different conditions, (but the lack of footage is holding me back) but I am looking into pigs and other medium sized mammals, and maybe even food.
I did venture to some exhibitions, the hunterian again of course, and I am looking into taxidermy again, but this embalming process defeats what I'm trying to explain, at the same time it is interesting that we fight signs of aging beyond death, maybe thats something for another project...
Anyway, so I am rather stuck with billions of notes and little sketching, fingers crossed I can pull something out of the bag.


(p.s anyone interested in some footage of human decomp can look here and I also found this article super helpful, but I warn you it is not for the faint hearted!)



So its 5am and of course, I can't sleep. So instead of scouring youtube I decide my time would be better spent looking at art and inspiration. I was really happy to find some great little blogs and the artist above, Joao Ruas. Really yummy work. His link is here, I hate to share these finds really but I know I should really! And I believ he does work for the Fable comics, so hes far fom unknown.

I've also decided I need some nice colouring pencils, so I can ween myself off fineliners a bit as theyre just as easy to travel with as a fineliner. I should probably also organise this space a bit better and maybe seperate my work from this stuff, or maybe just get round to finally making an online portfolio.

Anyway all feels good in my sketchbooks, and I'm currently feeling positive about the work I'm producing, and enjoying it instead of pulling my hair out.
Expect a much more frequent poster.



Fringe magnetic- twistic

another project I worked on over the summer, and just got back is the new fringe album. It isn't released until February but it's nice to have a printed copy in my hands. Well a couple, i had to use indesign, and while it was an eye opener, I am definitely no graphic designer, but drawing pretty pictures I can do!

Tinseldayer 2

While Christmas seems way off and knowing it will, somehow again, catch me off guard I got this commission for a mini festival in folkestone. the guys are super nice to work for and open to ideas but i tried to stick with the themes i had used with them before. While fitting 22 band names incorporated into an image was tricky, it was well worth the challenge. dead fun, and dead colorful. So I apologize to a certain bear friend about the lack of posts of my own work, rather than cool found shit.


Just checking out some book covers. Been also looking at some insane comic book covers, but that was just be becoming distracted by fire and awesomeness. Ooops!



this well massive rabbit is how big the rabbit in alice in wonderland should be, BEAST.


Am redoing my Alice in wonderland book cover. So expect bare images.