Looking back on old work....

I was looking over some older work, and was interested in some of my old ideas, but wanted to rework them with newer things i was doing. The first thing i was looking at was some artwork i did for a friends demo a couple of years ago....

So i Started sketching some ideas out...I've recently been using collage as a sketching tool, which has been pretty useful...it takes longer than drawing but ive found that its easier to work with sometimes if my ideas are quite obscure...

Then I finally worked on this painting, its still in progress but its pretty obvious where its going.... as i only really have detail left to do...


Collaberative work...If Your Dogs Collective

Sat down a few nights ago with Rosie and Aisha and did some much needed collaberative work, to make a mark as our collective. Was really great fun, we decided on the theme Battle..and all worked on A1 sheets then passed it on to the next person. You can see me working on the piece aisha started in the first 2 pictures, I promise to get a finished photo.

New Girls..

Some new sketches of girls Ive been drawing, kind of gone back a step and taking the features into much higher detail than usual, but its been a nice change and developement in my sketchbook..

Hunterian museum

This is from a trip to the Hunterian museum, its this wicked place with all these old scientific videos and specimens, like fetus's in pickle jars and skeletons etc...its really really amazing and recommend it to anyone!I actually did a whole bunch of sketches, but my camera was being super super lame, and as I no longer own a scanner its hard to get good shots of my work....i will scan more of these sketches in soon!

fetus of a hyena


researching- tea party

Started looking into artists on brief list, and researching others i knew.
was unsure on how to approach the layout, pattern, large image, collage or repeated image. Starting to think about mixing pattern and collage with my own drawings to create a large flowing piece simalr to Chris Ofili,Peter blake and Anne Polashenki...(see below)
also maybe bringing text as pattern or merging into pattern in simlar ways to Sweden graphics.
Also looking at maps and how charlotte mann creates drawing over spaces, of what "should" be there, like the idea of using an artificial 2d enviroment.

webby thinking


New Sketchbook Work

<<< oh my mother earth

<<< the bite


new project!

ok so im finally working on some final pieces, ive been sketching away and lets be fair i was pretty lost! but finally i have my subject and i will be posting them soon. Im working on a series on illustrations of characters i have created that are a kind of warped version of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse mixed with gods and godesses yeah ...youll see and understand...sketches coming soon!


Collaberation Sketch

So me and my good friend(and wonderful artist) did some collaberative sketching, she was hung over and i was bored, so after apple juice and sandwiches heres a sketch we did together. Really fun work and we are planning to do more work together soon.



right new art is long over due, and as soon as I can prise my brother off world of warcraft which happens to only run well on the computer that has the scanner and all that junk, I will post some arty farty goodness, probably tomorrow, fingers crossed. x


Tea Inspired shiiiittttt (wouldnt fit on the last post)

tea...solves all great problems as the english like to believe, just a small sketchbook extract that I quite like. I'd like to take this a lil further and perfect it a bit , maybe paint in tea(something I've been doing alot lately).
So recently I've been doing work on twins, and this is one of my unfinished pieces(some more work below). I've been looking at old women twins, because thet seem so much more proud of being twins and plus I can bring in a more kitsch theme than i usually would.

Recent Doodles n shittttt


Zinie Zine

So a while ago I did a zine called "i am on
ly human" it was really great fun and have since done some lil bits for Roadkill collective. But i have finally started another zine, it will be a split zine with Dan Roadkill and I'm very excited about it! Ive been looking alot at twins and old ladies, so my half will have that kinda theme. I will post some pictures soon of my progress and they will be for sale in the short future. I hope everyone wants a copy because it most definately will be banging....

blog time!

Ok so this is my first blog, exciting!
I couldnt afford a website so blogging it is. Anyway everything on this blog will be from me, white trash hero, or Sarah Wharton if your feeling formal.
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