Collaberative work...If Your Dogs Collective

Sat down a few nights ago with Rosie and Aisha and did some much needed collaberative work, to make a mark as our collective. Was really great fun, we decided on the theme Battle..and all worked on A1 sheets then passed it on to the next person. You can see me working on the piece aisha started in the first 2 pictures, I promise to get a finished photo.

New Girls..

Some new sketches of girls Ive been drawing, kind of gone back a step and taking the features into much higher detail than usual, but its been a nice change and developement in my sketchbook..

Hunterian museum

This is from a trip to the Hunterian museum, its this wicked place with all these old scientific videos and specimens, like fetus's in pickle jars and skeletons etc...its really really amazing and recommend it to anyone!I actually did a whole bunch of sketches, but my camera was being super super lame, and as I no longer own a scanner its hard to get good shots of my work....i will scan more of these sketches in soon!

fetus of a hyena