Puppet Head

My johnnie puppet so far, made from fimo.

Sketchbook so far

Ive been doing character developement and thinking more and more about my animation storyboard but am still stuck as I'm not sure what medium I will be using for the animation, so I dont know what is and isnt possible. I'm definately looking down the puppetry/stop motion route as I really enjoy animations made in this way (quay brothers for one).
Anyway onto some developement work.

Typography in my animation?

typography by Gemme Correll,
thinking about typography in my animation maybe that is made up of images like this to illustrate and be a bit more dynamic, maybe a bit to much though in a moving animation????


The Oxford Poster

New elephants stuff

designed some tote bags and tshirts for elephants

newwww flyer!

Pretty self explanatory for this guy here