Tea Inspired shiiiittttt (wouldnt fit on the last post)

tea...solves all great problems as the english like to believe, just a small sketchbook extract that I quite like. I'd like to take this a lil further and perfect it a bit , maybe paint in tea(something I've been doing alot lately).
So recently I've been doing work on twins, and this is one of my unfinished pieces(some more work below). I've been looking at old women twins, because thet seem so much more proud of being twins and plus I can bring in a more kitsch theme than i usually would.

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Zinie Zine

So a while ago I did a zine called "i am on
ly human" it was really great fun and have since done some lil bits for Roadkill collective. But i have finally started another zine, it will be a split zine with Dan Roadkill and I'm very excited about it! Ive been looking alot at twins and old ladies, so my half will have that kinda theme. I will post some pictures soon of my progress and they will be for sale in the short future. I hope everyone wants a copy because it most definately will be banging....

blog time!

Ok so this is my first blog, exciting!
I couldnt afford a website so blogging it is. Anyway everything on this blog will be from me, white trash hero, or Sarah Wharton if your feeling formal.
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