So its 5am and of course, I can't sleep. So instead of scouring youtube I decide my time would be better spent looking at art and inspiration. I was really happy to find some great little blogs and the artist above, Joao Ruas. Really yummy work. His link is here, I hate to share these finds really but I know I should really! And I believ he does work for the Fable comics, so hes far fom unknown.

I've also decided I need some nice colouring pencils, so I can ween myself off fineliners a bit as theyre just as easy to travel with as a fineliner. I should probably also organise this space a bit better and maybe seperate my work from this stuff, or maybe just get round to finally making an online portfolio.

Anyway all feels good in my sketchbooks, and I'm currently feeling positive about the work I'm producing, and enjoying it instead of pulling my hair out.
Expect a much more frequent poster.



Fringe magnetic- twistic

another project I worked on over the summer, and just got back is the new fringe album. It isn't released until February but it's nice to have a printed copy in my hands. Well a couple, i had to use indesign, and while it was an eye opener, I am definitely no graphic designer, but drawing pretty pictures I can do!

Tinseldayer 2

While Christmas seems way off and knowing it will, somehow again, catch me off guard I got this commission for a mini festival in folkestone. the guys are super nice to work for and open to ideas but i tried to stick with the themes i had used with them before. While fitting 22 band names incorporated into an image was tricky, it was well worth the challenge. dead fun, and dead colorful. So I apologize to a certain bear friend about the lack of posts of my own work, rather than cool found shit.