Sexuality/Comfort- Symbiosis symbol

Each person in my group had to come up wth a symbol of our contribution to the visual manifesto, like a huge collaberative drawing/pattern, so below are my experiments on how to symbolise my creature. I decided to concentrate on sexuality and comfort so bound and crawling duvet looking objects which i then simplified into the top image... a basic pattern to work with.

The second image is my first real screenprint, it was great and I plan to do many more in April..yay! Unfortunately i havent been able to get a good photograph, so i may have to scan the image instead


Looking at

I've been looking alot at brain deformations such as Split Brain (I can't remember the correct initials but I believe its ACCD or along those lines) but its when the 2 hemispheres in your brain are disconnected, therefore your speech and sight do not always work alongside each other. For example if something is seen by the right eye, the left arm can draw it, but the person cannot verbally explain the item. It shows how important the subconscious is and how much it effects our physical processes. This led on to things like agnosia (the inability to recognise objects), prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise faces also known as face blindness). Then this also led onto things such as microcephaly, which causes people born with the syndrome to have a small head..what interested me was that these people are seen as messengers from god in pakistan and are thought to bring wealth and good fortune due to there rat like appearance. So beggars steal or buy babies and children with microcephaly to make money, infact one child could be bought or sold for around $1200, so numerous children will be taken on by begging familys, often as the only source of income.


Author project..part 1

here are a few of my preliminary sketches for designing my suit based on my personal needs for survival...with my main needs being the need for attraction, comfort and being able to draw these were some ideas i came up with for the suit and the immediate enviroment for the suit.

New Flyer

Flyer for a bbc introducing show for the band Elephants. Bunch of great guys and a great band to... www.myspace.com/fullyelephants