So at the beginning of all this decomposition stuff I was pretty sure I could somehow beautifully illustrate decomposition in humans. Boy was I wrong. After seeing more photos and videos of death than any normal person should I've decided decomposition in humans is probably the worst kind. I am not including photos because I may loose several followers etc etc but human bodies seem to distort far more than the animal decompositions I've watched. The bloating seems far more severe, and the body breaks down in sections and far less rapidly.
So as I don't want this to be a shock piece of work at the end, I am going to play around with drawing human decomposition in different conditions, (but the lack of footage is holding me back) but I am looking into pigs and other medium sized mammals, and maybe even food.
I did venture to some exhibitions, the hunterian again of course, and I am looking into taxidermy again, but this embalming process defeats what I'm trying to explain, at the same time it is interesting that we fight signs of aging beyond death, maybe thats something for another project...
Anyway, so I am rather stuck with billions of notes and little sketching, fingers crossed I can pull something out of the bag.


(p.s anyone interested in some footage of human decomp can look here and I also found this article super helpful, but I warn you it is not for the faint hearted!)

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