Biopic! New Project!

So the person I have to create a film about is Johnnie Cradock, Fanny Cradocks husband. He was famously pissed all the time, and surrounded in 70's cuisine. So I'm looking at a mixture of these 2 things. After doing some sketchbook work and finding out that I love drawing 70's cuisine I thought about how I want my film to be. I immediatly thought of food coming to life in a hybrid version of the pink elephant brigade/fantasia. Real trippy! Super Colour! Super Fun!
So yeah heres videos im looking at, also considering a mixture of puppets and drawn animation, depending on time. Or all puppetry like Science Of Sleep by Micheal Gondry....any way on to the videos!


Elephants Mini Album Release Show Flyer

Flyer finished recently for Elephants ... really fun to do and still playing on the knitted theme