Childrens books

I've decided to have another shot at the macmillan prize, i was unsure about doing it because I was worried I might approach it with too many ideas and be not so open to being experimental. But first I'm looking at a bunch of childrens books, I realised all the ones i loved when I was a kid were pretty dark, and its a shame we see fewer and fewer of these on the market, but anywho heres a few images I'm finding very inspiring. Today I'm just planning to do a bunch of sketchbook work and maybe loads of thumbnails of details I imagine in my story. I have a basic storyboard but I'm not the worlds most fantastic writer, so I find it way easier to show my ideas in images. So I'm making images, and someone else is writing my story, I don't think its cheating, I just want something nicely written and spelt correctly :)

Images are Anthony Browne- Gorilla , Kit Williams- Masquerade, Jim Housen and Richard Scarry

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