Heavy Pencil

So on Thursday (1st) I went along to the ICA, with a bunch of great people to have an awsome night. Infact the night was so awesome I could have not taken my friends and still enjoyed it, but its best to have company when your getting drunk and avoid the regular drunk label. Anyway the event was Heavy Pencil, its a monthly event(shamefully this was the first one I'd ever been to) and it was also the first anniversary! YAY! Well done heavy pencil!
There was mucho drawing, on big projectors (artists and designers were invired to draw live under cameras which was then projected, I got a go at it and it was super duper fun), there was a large drawing table with a few sheets of paper that covered the whole table and a live band, Django Django, and DJs! Django Django were great, and as I got ore and more drunk, the more and more I danced, they really complimented the activities...not that slugdy death metal wouldn't have but Django Django were most definately a good choice. Now onto the photos...

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